I had a really weird dream last night and I need to tell someone about it and I was going to write it here but I don’t think its even suitable for that oh my god

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  1. fairyinthemoonlight said: SUSPENSE!!! haha
  2. poppiesinthehair said: You can’t just say “I wanted to tell you something but now I won’t, it was weird though”, now we’re dying to know.
  3. machetegrrrl said: Tell me! Haha
  4. mermaidluna said: you could tell me about it c:
  5. n0bodys-perf3ct said: You can’t just tell us half the story >.< we have to know now!
  6. creepershoes said: Tell us! Haha, anything is suitable on tumblr..
  7. mermaidbabexo said: Tell ussss ?c:
  8. im-that-sluty-lesbian said: oo.. sound interesting, teelll meeeee!
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